Support the mission

Our mission is mainly to hand out this flyer and thereby come into contact with people on the streets in different towns and cities.

It is based on private engagement/resources and is not sponsored by any organization or Christian congregation.

If you wish to support the mission, you may do that by prayer.
Or you may support the mission by giving a donation, to help covering of travel expenses etc. In case of a donation, please make contact and you will be provided with the necessary information.


If you wish to join the mission, you may participate in handing out the flyer or be a local contact for others to apply. If so, please make contact.

A simple way of joining this mission is to open the following PDF file, copy and paste it as a picture directly onto an E-mail and send this E-mail to others, preferably to as many as possible. Just make sure that the address (http://www.jcstreetmission.com/ChristianityReligions.asp?art=10) from the web page; Christianity - religions" is included and stated at the top of the E-mail, above "The Crossroad" picture. If the following text also is included; Please distribute this E-mail to others, or something similar, that would be great.

Download image (7,6 mb)