Lies about the Bible

Many people with a Muslim background have been told lies about the Bible.

One example claims that the New Testament is a revised issue of the Old Testament, that the Old Testament should have been rewritten into the New Testament. The fact is that the Old Testament has never been rewritten and has never been replaced by the New Testament. It is called the Old Testament because it contains all Biblical scripture (Moses and the prophets) from Adam and Eve to the time prior to Jesus. The New Testament contains the Biblical scriptures from Jesus who was born as a human being, His life, death and resurrection including the following missionary work of His disciples and apostles. The New Testament is the fulfilment of the Old Testament, not a replacement. In the Old Testament God promised through His prophets that He would send a Saviour to the world. The New Testament is about the Saviour and fulfilment of these prophecies. For those that know the Bible, this is obvious. But others with different backgrounds, and which have never read the Bible, might easily fall victim to such a false statement.

Today the original Scriptures of the Old and the New Testament also have been scientifically verified and proven as originals without any later change. There might be minor differences between some of today’s translations of the Bible into various languages, however these differences are insignificant and do not alter the gospel of Jesus. The Bible only contains the Old Testament Scriptures that Jesus proclaimed as the Word of God, and the oldest Scriptures according to His nearest Disciples/Apostles. All other writings have not been made part of the Bible.


Another example of an untrue statement is that Jesus in the Biblical scriptures promised to send a prophet that should come after Him. Jesus said that He was the completion of the prophecies because it was Him they had predicted. He was the fulfillment of those prophecies (Luke 24, 44, John 12, 41, John 5, 46-47, John 20, 31). But Jesus promised that when He left this world and arrived back to His Father, He would send the Holy Spirit/the Spirit of Truth that should testify of Him and live inside those who believed in Him.

"But when the Helper comes, whom I shall send to you from the Farther, The Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Farther, He will testify of Me." (John 15, 26-27)

"Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, Whom you have from God." (1. Corinthians 6, 19)

Someone has even tried to insinuate that Christians are worshipping woodwork, due to the wooden cross. The truth is of course that the cross itself is not worshipped, but the cross is the symbol of God’s love to us though the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. He is really worthy of our thanksgiving, glory and worship.

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